Wine & Évora

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Évora has been inhabited since Roman times. The Visigoths and Moors later held sway here, until the stronghold was conquered in 1166 by Christian warrior Gerald the Fearless under the orders of Dom Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first king. In the Middle Ages it prospered greatly, above all under the royal dynasty of Avis (1385-1580). A walk through the medieval streets gives you a real sense of the history of one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities.

Points of interest: Temple of Diana / Évora Cathedral (13th century) / Church of São Francisco / Praça Giraldo (central square) / Capela dos Ossos (chapel ‘decorated’ with human bones and skulls) / Cromelech of the Almendres (largest group of prehistoric standing stones in the Iberian peninsula) / Castle of Arraiolos (a town famed for its handmade tapestries and carpets) / Alentejo landscapes (vines, olive groves and cork oaks) / Visit to regional winery to learn about the whole wine-making process and taste 3 wonderful wines.